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Caterpillar CP-563C Vibratory Soil Compactor

Caterpillar CP-563C Vibratory Soil Compactor
Mini specs
Closed Edition

The Caterpillar CP-563C Compactor in 1:50th scale was released by NZG in 1995 with #401.2

This scale model of the Caterpillar CP-563C Vibratory Soil Compactor has been released by NZG between 1995 and 2004 under Article number #401.2 in the new Caterpillar livery and lettering with the pyramid logo. This scale model is been produced in two versions: The version of the open ROPS cab and the version with the enclosed cab.

The single padfoot drum is made of metal and has a silver finish and an articulated mounting attached to the machine so that the machine can steer. The rear wheels are precision molded rubber tires, complete with an accurate display tread pattern and are mounted on plastic hubs.

The driver has an air suspension seat and simple executed central control console with a steering wheel mounted thereon. The model is equipped with (too thick) metal hand rails leading up to the compartment with steps integrated into the chassis.

The engine compartment is on top equipped with a exhaust and air filter and to the rear of the engine bay has a textured radiator grill. The model is not equipped with lighting units and not by other components that are movable or can be opened.

The model of the Caterpillar CP-563 C Vibratory Soil Compactor is neat and tight painted and equipped properly applied lettering and type designations.

These Caterpillar CP-563C Vibratory Soil Compactor is actually completely equivalent to the Caterpillar CS-563C, from which the pictures are placed in its own review. Only difference between both models: the "CS" model is equipped with a smooth drum, instead of the padfoot drum which is mounted on the "CP" version.