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New project starts!

17 October 2011

New project starts!

After 30 years collecting caterpillar scale models I thought it would be nice to share my models with other Collectors over the world. I all started when I took some photos with my first digital pocket camera and wrote my first few reviews on the Dutch Bouwmachineforum. The first steps on the "www" were taken.

During the next two years I came up with the idea to start my own website dedicated to Caterpillar scale models. This all leads to the release of today. Why today? Simple: 17th October is my birthday.

The website as today starts as a rather "giant house with lots of empty rooms". From up today I will start to fill each room with my hundreds of different Caterpillar scale models in both 1:48 and 1:50 scale. Hopefully I will get the support from you all by sending me the missing information, photos from models and 1:1 machinery, custom models or models which are not in my collection. Then only this project will succeed.

I have calculated it will take at least two years’ work before I have listed all the current models in my collection on the website. Sadly my Boss will not pay me they time I'm not working for him -). So the coming period I will start with putting model by model on the website. Comments and help are welcome!!

Most important thing for now: I want to thank the people who were involved in getting me at this point today. At first my wife Margreeth; she give me the time and space for spending hours behind the computer to start this baby up. Secondly my friend Yannick, aka Doctor Fix, the master brain who developed and actually made this website working. (Thanks for your patient!) Thirdly my fellow collector friend Ad Gevers for his help, advise, support and sharing with me his giant archive with information.

For now I would say: Put this website under your favourites if you are interested in Caterpillar Scale models and enjoy watching the progress.

Thanks! Wouter

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