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UPDATE! Caterpillar V925 Forklift Truck [MDF 1:50]

2 December 2012

Today at the NAMAC toyfair in Houten, the Netherlands, André Rochat from Les Miniatures du Fabourg showed his nearly completed Master of Caterpillar V925 Forklift Truck in 1:50th scale.

Only a small number of changes will be made before the model is further developed in the coming months and will be out, on the Modelshow Europe in Ede, The Netherlands on March 16, 2013, ready to be admired.

Progress photos, sales details as final price, numbers will be posted on our Website when available. This next knock out model will be available in very limited numbers for serious collectors only.

Read the complete story? Then check out The Making of...Caterpillar V925 Forklift Truck to discover how gradually it turned out into a unique handmade scale model.

Check out Les Miniatures Du Faubourg for more information about this and other unique scale models.

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