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Material Handlers

Caterpillar MH (Track- and Wheel) Material Handlers are designed and built for the demanding industry. These aggressive machines deliver fast, mobile, efficient performance whether equipped with a grapple, clamshell bucket or magnet.

Track Material Handlers

Caterpillar offers currently two Track Material Handlers (MH3250 and MH3260) which are purpose-built for scrap handling and bulk material handling applications with heavy counterweights, heavy-duty upper frames, wide carbodies, and material handling booms and sticks.

Wheel Material Handlers

Caterpillar’s current lineup consists five Wheel Material Handlers which are ideally suited to scrap sorting and handling and millyard applications. From MH3022 (33.8 ft Maximum Reach) upto MH3040 ((33.8 ft Maximum Reach)


All Material Handlers