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Cold Planers

Cold Planers aka Milling machines complete the same task today as they did 50 years ago, but they have seen several innovations over the years and are continuing to evolve. It was actually two events in the 1970s that brought about the creation of the modern Cold Planer machine.

The petroleum crisis of the early 1970s and the development and introduction in the mid-1970s of large scale cold planing equipment, complete with easily replaceable tungsten carbide milling tools, were the catalyst for a renewed interest in asphalt recycling.

CMI realized the potential in recycling asphalt and, in 1974, created the Roto-Mill, which was the first dedicated Cold Planer machine in the United States. It was derived from a rear load dirt trimmer that had a conical tooth drum installed in lieu of a spade tooth drum, to cut both concrete and asphalt.

A brief history…

The Caterpillar story begins in July 1985 when CMI Corp., the Oklahoma City-based firm reached an agreement to manufacture road-paving equipment for Caterpillar of Peoria, Ill., that bears Caterpillar’s name and familiar logo, a black ″C″ on a yellow background. The combined CMI, Raygo and Albaret facilities, with production capacity in excess of 1,250,00 square feet, will be utilized to manufacture a complete program of paving products under the brand name Caterpillar.

The Caterpillar PR-75, PR-105, PR-275, PR-450 and PR-750B where the beginning of Caterpillar’s entry in the worldwide market of Cold Planers. Over the course of, already more then, 37 years, Caterpillar would design and update a total of more than 30 different Cold Planer models.

Today, Caterpillar builds a complete line of Cold Planers to put the tons in the trucks hour after hour, shift after shift. Efficient and powerful performance with simplified controls and integrated technology help you finish the job faster with the milling precision you need. Caterpillar System K rotors feature efficient material flow with an excellent cutting pattern and redesigned components for easier service and longer wear life. Choose from a variety of rotors, cutting widths and options for urban, utility and high-production projects.

Caterpillar offers a full product line consisting of 11 different Cold Planer models provided with engine power from 336.6 hp (PM310) to 800.6 hp (PM825) and with a Milling width range of 39.4 up to 98.6 in.

And they are just getting started…

Caterpillar has been a part of building communities around the world. Caterpillars goal is to continue making progress possible for another 40 years and beyond by providing their customers with the world's best Cold Planers. The Next Generation!


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