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DJB D350 Articulated Dump Truck

DJB D350 Articulated Dump Truck
Mini specs
Closed Edition

The DJB D350 in 1:50th scale was released by CypModels in 2014.

The DJB D350 Articulated Dump Truck is handmade from resin using different photo etched parts likes the mirrors and grabs and railing, professional airbrush paint and are as detailed as possible in accordance with the scale used.

This next knock out DJB D350 Articulated Dump Truck scale model will be available in very limited numbers for the serious collectors only.

More information or ordering this unique scale model check out CypModels, a small Romanian company which produces limited series models of rare and special civilian- and military vehicles.

DJB D350 Articulated Dump Truck

The DJB D350 Articulated Dump Truck was introduced in 1978 and only produced in Peterlee, England.

This machine has a Caterpillar 3306 TA Diesel, six-cylinder engine producing 225Hp flywheel horsepower (FWHP). The Operating Weight is 46,000 lb and the SAE 2:1 Body Capacity is 25.9 y3. Maximum forward speed is 27.5 MPH and reverse speed is 17.1 MPH.

The DJB D350 is equipped with the Caterpillar 980B Powershift transmission and the Caterpillar 528 Heavy-duty Skidder axles are used for the two driving axles to accommodate the large 26.5 x25 tires and 35 tons payload.

The Production of the DJB D350 ended in 1980 when it was replaced by the DJB D350B.

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