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Wheeled Excavators

Their mobility, speed, power and reliability make Caterpillar Wheeled Excavators easily the most versatile machine in your fleet. Excellent for a variety of applications such as ditch cleaning or road maintenance where you need to drive and use a work tool at the same time. Caterpillar Wheeled excavators can travel at 21.7 mph and are thus able to move from one job to the next so quickly minimizing the need for an additional means of transport. The additional hydraulic options allow the use of a wide range of attachments. Service points are accessible from ground level, providing safer conditions for fleet maintenance.

Currently, the Caterpillar Wheeled Excavator program includes seven models from the M314 through the M322.


The Caterpillar 206 Wheeled Excavator was introduced in 1984 followed by the Caterpillar 206B in 1990  The Caterpillar 206 Series Wheeled Excavator where manufactured in Germany only. The production of 206B ended in 1996.

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