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Caterpillar 323GX Excavator

Caterpillar 323GX Excavator
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The Caterpillar 323GX "Next Gen" Excavator in 1:50th scale was released by Diecast Masters in a limited edition in 2021 with #85675 within the diecast "High Line Series". 

Truly a super surprise! The original machine in 1:1 is actually only produced and sold by Caterpillar in China, South America, Africa and India and that is why it is extra cool that in addition to the Caterpillar 323 “Next Gen” Hydraulic Excavator, which was already released in 2019, there is a machine in scale 1:50 now also the Caterpillar 323GX Excavator machine has been released especially for the Chinese market in a limited edition as a scale model! So truly a MUST HAVE for the Caterpillar collector.

Presented in a special "323GX High Line Series Packaging" Collectible, full-color printed metal box, including machine photos and technical specifications.

The Caterpillar 323GX "Next Gen" Excavator within the Caterpillar Excavator series in scale 1:50th can still simply be ordered via at DCM Diecast & Merchandise B.V

Caterpillar 323GX "Next  Gen" Excavator #85675

Caterpillar 323GX "Next Gen" Excavator

The Caterpillar 323GX machine is actually only produced and sold by Caterpillar in China, South America, Africa and India. In terms of technology, the machine is a mix between the former F Series and the "Next Gen" Series known to us.

If you are in the possession of photos or additional background information like the original hard copy brochure or spec sheet about the 1:1 Caterpillar 323GX "Next Gen" Excavator I would be happy if you send your response to

Caterpillar 323GX Specsheet AEXQ3304-00 (9-2021).pdf

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