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Caterpillar AP-1050 Track Asphalt Paver

Caterpillar AP-1050 Track Asphalt Paver
Mini specs
Closed Edition

The Caterpillar AP-1050 Track Asphalt Paver in 1:50th scale was released by NZG in 1994 with #233.

This scale model of the Caterpillar AP-1050 Asphalt Paver is one of the three Caterpillar Asphalt Pavers released in 1:50 scale by NZG Only first in 2009, two new Asphalt Paver models where produced by Norscot.

The model of this Caterpillar AP-1050 Track Asphalt Paver was between 1994 and 2002 released by NZG under item number # 388. There is a Tracked and Wheeled variant and both versions are also in the Barber-Greene company colors produced. The Barber-Greene Track Asphalt Paver “brother” of the AP-1050 is the BG-245B.

The scale model of the Caterpillar AP-1050 Track Asphalt Paver has a hopper bin in which the asphalt from the truck is deposited on both sides hinged / tilted so that the material is dosed further the machine can be entered. The front of the hopper has a pivoting bar, complete with moulded rollers. At the bottom of the bin there is non functioning conveyor system. The conveyor belts are casted in one diecast metal piece into the bottom of the hopper.

The model runs on rubber tracks on a largely one-piece molded undercarriage. Below the bar is unfortunately a fixed auger that is applied to simulate the asphalt is supplied evenly under the screed. The screed is made entirely of metal and is liftable hydraulically driven, although the range of movement is very limited. The screed has extending side sections with integrated foot panels which pull out smoothly. The cylinders are not capable of holding the weight of the screed for long. The both side sections working width is infinitely variable and can be made gradually wider.

The operator has the option to choose between a simple fixed chair and working console with steering wheel positioned both left and right on top of the machine for optimum visibility at his work. The main body casting has grill textured panels and diamond plate textured flooring which looks good.

The screed operator has a work platform for the control of just applied asphalt and even the ability to walk from the screed around safely on top of the machine to the operators working console.

The top of the engine compartiment is equipped with an air filter and detailed engine exhaust. There are no safety railings around the workspace of the operator.

The model is well painted and nicely finished with the proper Caterpillar logo’s and type designation. The model is packed in a white rigid foam packaging to protect the model from damage and enclosed with a yellow / black cardboard sleeve bearing the name and type designation and as a finishing touch a printed image of the Caterpillar AP-1050 Track Asphalt Paver.