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Caterpillar 982 XE Wheel Loader

Caterpillar 982 XE Wheel Loader
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 The Caterpillar 982 XE Wheel Loader in 1:50th scale is released by Diecast Masters in 2023 with #85685 within the Diecast "High Line Series".

Diecast Masters releases not only the latest Caterpillar 982 XE but also the 966, 966 GC, 972 XE and 980 “Next Generation” Series Wheel Loaders and confirms hereby their determination to produce highly authentic replicas with plenty of detail, functionality and value for money.

Presented in the “High Line Series Packaging Collectible”, full-color printed metal box, including machine photos and technical specifications about the 1:1 machine. Delivered in an outer shipping carton which contains the tin which is protected by a nylon bag all done to assure that scale model arrives in perfect condition.

 As you expect from Diecast Masters this magnificent model has plenty of detail and functioning parts: A accurate working load frame but unfortunately NO Caterpillar "Fusion Quick Coupler" which would have been a really added value for money. SHAME!   Present are suspension, metal railing and amazing details like the tiny warning signs just like the real machine. So overall: Excellent job!

Again there is certainly plenty of great detailing to be found, while still maintaining a rugged and sturdy feel when handled, so you don't feel you are going to break this Caterpillar 982 XE Wheel Loader just by picking it up.

The rubber tires have a finely replicated tread pattern which looks good. The front axle is fixed to the chassis while the rear axle will oscillate. The articulating chassis is functional with a pair of hydraulic cylinders controlling the steering movement. At the front there are lights with indicators mounted on plastic stalks.

An fixed access ladder is fitted on both sides of the chassis providing access to the cabin platform and accurately scaled grab rails have been added to the cab door and frame. The handrails around the cab are metal. Watching the underside shows some detailing with the modelled transmission.

The rear counterweight has inset lights and surface detailing with the rear engine grille nicely capturing the looks of the 1:1 Caterpillar 982 XE Wheel Loader. The detailing of the engine housing is very nicely done complete with side located rear facing lights which have painted lenses. At the rear the radiator bears the Caterpillar logo The upper walkway surfaces are textured with side grilles also very nicely highlighted formed by black painted graphics, emphasizing the ridged detail. To finish off, tiny safety labels have been added.

The new Caterpillar 982 XE Wheel Loader within the Caterpillar Wheel Loader series in scale 1:50th can now simply be ordered via at DCM Diecast & Merchandise B.V

Caterpillar 982 XE Next Gen Wheel Loader #85685

You want Action! Watch the YouTube Diecast Masters Caterpillar 982 XE Next Gen Wheel Loader presentation!

982 XE Wheel Loader

The Caterpillar 982 XE Wheel Loader is released by Caterpillar in 2021 in the Medium Wheel Loader program to replace the "M" series.   

According to Caterpillar, the new Caterpillar 982 XE  wheel Loader is up to 10 percent more productive and lower maintenance costs up to 20 percent compared to the previous 982M powershift models. The new loader include an expanded technology platform to increase machine performance and improve operating efficiency, Caterpillar adds.

Standard Caterpillar Payload with Assist on all 980 and 982 series loaders provides an accurate weighing of bucket payloads so operators can load to target the first time, every time. This new technology includes low-lift-weigh and manual tip-off functions. Optional Cat Advanced Payload expands the system’s functionality with Lists-Management, Multitask- & Manual-Add Modes and Tip-off assist.

Additionally, the new Cat Autodig with auto set tires promotes proper loading technique to significantly reduce tire slip and loading time. It can automate the complete bucket loading cycle to deliver consistently high bucket fill factors for up to 10 percent more productivity.

For the first time in this size class, Caterpillar offers a continuous variable transmission option, expanding the Caterpillar medium wheel loader offering. The Caterpillar 982 XE Wheel Loaders features a high-efficiency continuously variable parallel path drive system. This combines a direct mechanical path from the engine to the wheels with a Hystat variator.

Specification highlights:

  • Powered by a Caterpillar C13 ACERT Engine providing 404 hp.
  • Operating weight of 78,264 lb.
  • Bucket capacity from 6.25 - 22.5 yd3.
Caterpillar 982 XE Wheel Loader Specsheet AEXQ3205.pdf

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