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Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold/Port Handling Loader - Dirtboy's Customs

26 December 2018

Scale model builders Gertjan and Wouter have started with the building a custom scale model using parts from a 3D printed kit.

  • Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold/Port Handling Track Loader

In this Making-of Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold/Port Handling Track Loader both Gertjan and Wouter will show you how their customs model will be achieved.

Gertjan and Wouter will share their building skills through its construction photos with little notes to keep you informed of the building process. Gradually it shows the making of a unique model of the Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold/Port Handling Track Loader and a welcome addition to their Caterpillar collections!

Of course, Gertjan goes one step further by adding a few small extra details that just make the difference on this special Track Loader version to create a replica that can not be distinguished from real.

Enjoy reading & watching!

Gertjan and Wouter

The machine in 1:1

The Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold/Port Handling Track Loader is based on the Caterpillar 963D Track-Type Loader. The machine is equipped with a Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT engine and has 189 hp Net Power and weighs just over 47.000 lb.

Caterpillar Shiphold or abbreviated "SH" as an addition to the machine type stands for a Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor or Track Loader specially designed for shiphold bulk material handling.

An optimal combination of traction, high reach and balance of the machine makes these Caterpillar Shiphold Track-Type Tractors or Track Loaders ideal for work in Shipholds and ports. With special equipment such as a Pin-on multi purpose bucket or Pin-on trim blade for all material they can scrape ship's walls and process all kinds of materials during the loading and unloading work in the ship's hold.

The Heavy Duty Bumper gives outstanding protection for the rear of the machine and the Lifting eyes located on the frame provide easy lifting of the machine in and out of the shiphold.

The kit

Under the name Dirtboy's Customs regularly exclusive small series of kits appear that allow you to add a machine variant or a unique work tool to your Caterpillar collection.

Dirtboy's Customs is formed by the American custom builder Jay Roltgen. His main focus is creating custom add-on's and Worktools for 1:50th scale construction models mainly (Caterpillar) Track-Type Tractors. Small series, often as kit, made of Metal, Photo etched or 3D printed material, which can be ordered directly and without any problems through Shapeways.

The 3D printed kit contains the Shiphold Blade, a quarding package to protect the radiator on the rear of the machine, four lifting eyes and all the required parts to mount the blade on the excisting lift frame to convert the in 2007 by Norscot under #55194 released (still available aswell from Diecast Masters) in 1:50th scale Caterpillar 963D Track-Type Loader.

Do you want to order the Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold/Port Handling Track Loader Kit? Click on: Dirtboy's Customs

Work to be done!

To be continued...

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