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Caterpillar D7 WWII - Dan Models

14 October 2022

Custom modelbuilder Dan Models from Roemenia, former known as, recently started with a new unique custom resin scale model in 1:50th scale:  

Caterpillar D7 WWII Dozer with LeTourneau WEK7 Blade

Caterpillar built 20,503 D7 Dozers during World War II, which was 40% of the tractors it built from 1942-1945. The Caterpillar D7 Dozer with a LeTourneau dozer blade, but painted in olive-drab rather than Caterpillar yellow, was the iconic military crawler tractor-bulldozer combination of World War II.

In this Making-of Caterpillar D7 WWII Dozer we want to show how this custom model shall be achieved.

Dan Silvestru, will share his building skills through its construction photos starting from the development of the prototype with little notes from me. Gradually, with help and support from Ad Gevers it shows you the making of a unique model of the Caterpillar D7 WWII Dozer.

Enjoy reading & watching!

Dan and Ad & Wouter

The Kickoff

Of course, any custom project can only succeed if, like Ad Gevers, you have sufficient background information. Think of photos, spec sheets and preferably also the 1:1 machine in order to realize a true-to-life replica to scale:

The development of the prototype

A new development in custom scale model building is to use 3D technique to create your first prototype as donor for the molds which be used to make the required resin parts.

The final assembly of the painted parts

After the topcoat, take plenty of time to allow all painted parts to harden sufficiently before starting the final assembly. So don't start the next day. But take it easy for a week, no matter how difficult it is!

To be continued...

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