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BouwmachinesvanToen Swapmeeting 2023 - Caterpillar 325D Excavator [Custom 1:50]

22 September 2023

On Sunday 24th September 2023 Stichting BouwmachinesvanToen will organize its second swap meeting in the BouwmachinesvanToen Museum, in Vinkel, The Netherlands.   

 And we are very proud that we can share another  SCOOP!  Just finished in time by friend and custom builder Gertjan the Caterpillar 325D Excavator in 1:50th scale and exclusive to be revealed at the BouwmachinesvanToen Swapmeeting 2023.  As a Die-hard (Caterpillar) collector you now need to be there! MUST SEE!

Curious? Click on the picture!

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