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BouwmachinesvanToen Swapmeeting 2023 - Caterpillar Sixty [Custom 1:48]

24 September 2023

Today, Sunday 24th September 2023, Stichting BouwmachinesvanToen organize its second swap meeting in the BouwmachinesvanToen Museum, in Vinkel, The Netherlands.     

When I celebrated my 60th (sixty) birthday last October 2022, I was very surprised with a Caterpillar SIXTY custom built by Momfer Models in 1:48th scale.

As a Die-hard (Caterpillar) collector, this unique custom "Golden Oldie" Tractor scale model should not be missing from your collection! Interested? Then come to Vinkel today between 10:00 and 16:00!

Curious? Click on the picture!

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