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Komptech Terminator 5000 Waste Schredder [ScaleMasters 1:50]

4 December 2023

Komptech, foundend in 1992 and based in Austria, is the leading technology and expert partner for mechanical and biological waste recycling, as well as treatment of woody biomass. As OEM they have a broad product range which is powered by a Caterpillar engine.    

ScaleMasters shared the first pictures of the Komptech Terminator 5000 Waste Schredder production model in 1:50th scale. This Terminator 5000 Waste Schredder is now the second scale model that they Exclusive developed and produced for Komptech GmbH Austria. 

The Komptech Terminator 5000 Waste Schredder scale model is NOT  available for sales through ScaleMasters. Just buy one in 1:1th scale and then I assume you will get the scale model from Komptech for free -)    

Enjoy the first photos! 

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