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Momfer Models visits BvT Swapmeeting 2022

14 November 2022

On Sunday 20th November 2022 Stichting BouwmachinesvanToen organizes its first swap meeting in the BouwmachinesvanToen Museum, in Vinkel, The Netherlands.  

The intention is to hold a pleasant and small-scale swap meeting  with the focus on (Caterpillar) scale models and documentation (leaflets/brochures/specsheets) about earthmoving, road construction, cranes and related (heavy haulage) transport.

Momfer Models will also be present to show a unique scale model.

Luckily I got permission to share these teaser photos with you already ...

... curious? Then come to the BouwmachinesvanToen Swapmeeting 2022 on Sunday 20th November.

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