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MTS 3630W with 33-38XL Towed Scraper [SpecCast 1:50]

16 November 2022

SpecCast Collectibles & Custom Imprints manufactures collectible vehicle replicas of tractors, farm equipment, construction equipment and cars for hobbyists and collectors. SpecCast is working closely with Mobile Track Solutions to release this amazing set in 1:50 scale:

  • MTS 3630W Switchback Wheel Tractor with 33-38XL Towed Scraper  #MTS001 - MTS002

SpecCast Collectibles & Custom Imprints die-cast models and scale-model farm machinery bring the realism and uniqueness of tractors, farm equipment and construction equipment to your collection or diorama. #AccuratetotheLastDetail.

SpecCast did send me the first photos from the prototype of this unique Mobile Track Solutions set which will be available summer 2023.

Curious? Click on the photo for a sneak preview!

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