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Miniatures du Faubourg

About Miniatures du Faubourg(MDF)

In 2000 Miniatures du Faubourg (MDF) started making miniatures based on vintage trucks and construction equipment. After a few years in the north of France they decided to went to the sun and the beauty of the hills of the Drome.

Installed there, and in close cooperation with employees in Romania, mainly involved in the manufacture of molds and parts for all models, Les Miniatures du Faubourg expanded. All final production takes place in France.

All models are composed of two components resin, aluminum for the rotating parts, photo etched material for the fine work and offset printing decals for the type designation and the designation of each model. Most of the range consists of scale models in 1:50. Only a few models were made in 1:43 or 1:24.

The future

The future of Miniatures du Faubourg is continuing its series of exclusive range of small construction equipment, civilian trucks and army vehicles. Miniatures du Faubourg strives passionately to develop and produce models for enthusiasts and collectors of this unique scale models.

The man behind Miniatures du Faubourg is Andre Rochat. He regularly visits the NAMAC fair in Houten and is also present on the Modelshow Europe. Andre is French speaking but also capable in English, preferably by e-mail, to communicate with you, if you require more information over his unique scale models.

Curious? Make sure you visit the website!

Available Models and Kits

If you want more information or interested in buying one of the available Models or Kits please contact Andre Rochat. He can be contacted directly by e-mail: Andre Rochat ships worldwide at actual shipping cost and accepts PayPal payment.

NEW AVAILABLE! Caterpillar 350 Hydraulic Excavator

The Caterpillar 350 Hydraulic Excavator was introduced during the Modelshow Europe 2016 held in Ede, the Netherlands

With the custom scale model of the Caterpillar 350 Hydraulic Excavator in 1:50th finally after waiting for many years a big hole in my showcase will be filled in. Next to the Caterpillar 375 (Joal) is the line up of the Caterpillar Hydraulic Excavators a bit more complete. Sales price is 270,- Euro and shipping cost.

Available Models

Caterpillar 769C and 769D Off-Highway Trucks

Caterpillar 740 Limespreader

Caterpillar DJB D44 Dumptruck

Caterpillar V925 Forklift truck

Caterpillar 775D Off-Highway Truck

In severall different version available: Caterpillar 773 Off-Highway Truck

A must have for every collector:DJB D550 Articulated Dump Truck

PoweredbyCat: Haulmax 3900-T Truck

PoweredbyCat: Haulmax 3900-D Off-Highway Dumptruck