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This ABC glossary consists of an alphabetical list of the overview in this website with an icon marked text, words, names, or photos. By clicking on the icon you are immediately led to more background information, explanation, justification, and/or source on the linked item.

Here you will also find direct links to (Dutch) Companies that use Caterpillar equipment, OEM Manufacturers, Scale model Manufacturers, Events & Shows, Fan Sites, Custom scale model builders, Forums and (online) Scale model shops.



ScaleMasters, based in Valkenswaard in The Netherlands, is passionate about creating the finest scale models and custom miniatures. Thanks to their years of knowledge and experience, they know the tricks of the trade. They make high-quality hand-built miniatures for the business market that meet all your expectations. ScaleMasters is committed to sustainability and only develops and produces within Europe!

Small quantities (resin/synthetic resin) are already possible with ScaleMasters from 100 pieces (depending on model). Of course larger quantities (1500 pieces or more) are also possible. They can make these in resin, die-cast (metal) or a combination of both.

Good examples are the PoweredbyCat Crambo 5200, Terminator and Topturn X4500 that ScaleMasters produces EXCLUSIVELY for Komptech GMBH Austria.


A sheepsfoot compactor is a piece of equipment that consists of a roller, or drum, that has raised pegs or pads on the surface.Rollers are also used in landfill compaction. Such compactors typically have padfoot or "sheep's-foot" drums, and do not achieve a smooth surface. The pads aid in compression, due to the smaller area contacting the ground.


Shiphold or abbreviated "SH" as an addition to the machine type stands for a Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor or Track Loader specially designed for shiphold bulk material handling. An optimal combination of traction, high reach and balance of the machine makes these Caterpillar Shiphold Track-Type Tractors or Track Loaders ideal for work in Shipholds and ports. With special equipment such as a Pin-on multi purpose bucket or Pin-on trim blade for all material they can scrape ship's walls and process all kinds of materials during the loading and unloading work in the ship's hold. The Heavy Duty Bumper gives outstanding protection for the rear of the machine and Lifting eyes located on the frame provide easy lifting of the machine in and out of the shiphold.

Sloan Construction Scale Models (SCSM)

Sloan Construction Scale Models (SCSM) is founded by Steven Sloan, a passionate scale model maker and model collector from Scotland.

SCSM offer an extensive range of bespoke services including CAD/CAM Design, 3D printing, machining, 2K spray painting/air brushing and also resin casting and much more all in house. SCSM are constantly working to develop new skills and techniques to help to produce the highest quality custom replica (Caterpillar) scale models and Worktools like Excavator booms and attachments all in 1:50th scale.


Snijder is a family owned company that specializes in hiring out (Caterpillar) earthmoving equipment and concomitant technical services, operating both with The Netherlands and abroad. The projects are prepared and managed from our head office in Hoorn, The Netherlands. is the website dedicated to all Southern California's Earth (SoCaL) Moving heavy equipment. Loads of photos and videos from (Caterpillar) earth moving machines in action. Check this out!

Striker Bar

On a Caterpillar Dozer, Striker Bars can optionally be mounted on the front and rear above the Tracks. The Striker bars prevent too much sand (and therefore dirt) remaining on the tracks and Undercarriage of the Dozer while driving, which prevents extra wear on the Undercarriage.