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This ABC glossary consists of an alphabetical list of the overview in this website with an icon marked text, words, names, or photos. By clicking on the icon you are immediately led to more background information, explanation, justification, and/or source on the linked item.

Here you will also find direct links to (Dutch) Companies that use Caterpillar equipment, OEM Manufacturers, Scale model Manufacturers, Events & Shows, Fan Sites, Custom scale model builders, Forums and (online) Scale model shops.


The Model Mechanic

The Model Mechanic run by fellow collector and custom builder Steve Nasburg provides on his Facebook group 3D printed kits from Truck & Earthmoving Equipment replicas, Work Tools and various parts in 1:64th, 1:87th and 1:50th scale for the discerning (Caterpillar) collector or custom builder.

Steve lives on the edge of the Pacific in Southern Oregon, USA, which primed his pump for the Log trucks and other older rigs you don’t normally see in diecast scale models.

Steve is active in the toy truck business for 30 years, building models for 56 years. He approaches his products with the idea of getting as accurate as he can, and also from a builders viewpoint, to make painting easier, etc. He also writes for "Toy Trucker and Contractor" magazine as a columnist for the 87th and 64th market. Highly recommended!

Thomas Wilk

Thomas Wilk author from the books "Caterpillar Seventy Five Years", "Caterpillar D9-D9R" together with Urs Peyer and co author from "Das Tagebau Buch", and as a permanent editorial member associated with the German writen magazine "Laster & Bagger" and the English App "Trucks & Construction" and an very talented photographer: His own company TCC creates beautiful full color calendars of new and classical construction equipment. Finally, in his other free hours also a very skilled custom scale model builder.

TKD (Technische Kontakt Dagen)

The Dutch Technische Kontakt Dagen (TKD) brings large and small players in the field of earth moving-, recycling equipment and related specialties together, so you can compare and test. 

The TKD 2023 took place from Thursday 8 June to Saturday 10 June 2023. For this purpose, 118,000 m2 of the Floriade car park was completely excavated and been converted into the largest outdoor exhibition in Western Europe for earthmoving and recycling equipment.

Tonkin Replicas

Tonkin Replicas, based in the USA, acquired the license to produce Caterpillar scale models from Norscot in 2012, before transferring the license in full to Diecast Masters in 2015.


TowHaul is the brandname for TowHaul Corporation dba Smith Equipment USA, which designs and manufactures custom heavy duty off-road trailers that decrease costs and increase mobility in open pit mines around the world.

Trackson Company

Trackson Company commenced business in Milwaukee in 1922 and built tracked attachments for tractor manufacturers. The early Trackson tracked attachments were popular on tractors used for road grader power units, as well as for tractors used in poor ground conditions.

Trilex Modelli

Trilex Modelli is founded by Matteo and Jessica, two passionate scale model makers from Brescia in Italy. 

Trilex Modelli do make small runs and exclusive high end quality custom scale models from Trucks and Construction Equipment.  Both ACCO Super Dozer and Super Grader in 1:50th scale are outstanding MINI masterpieces! 


Trucks & Construction

Trucks & Construction THE digital magazine for collectors of Trucks & construction machine models, cranes and heavy haulage. This digital magazine is writen in Englisch and available as App in the internet iTunes store for your computer and iPhone and iPad.  


Joop van der Touw has created unique “Artistic Impressions” of trucks from the past or that are still driving around today with his unparalleled technical craftsmanship and drawing skills over many years. But unfortunately Joop van der Touw passed away a few years ago.

Before the death of Joop van der Touw, Theo Gijsbers was allowed to take over all his drawings and copyrights, which is why his legacy can still be viewed and even available to enthusiasts via The trucks are drawn to perfection in different scales and can be printed in various sizes and send to you for a modest fee. Highly recommended!