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Caterpillar MD6 Pipelayer

Caterpillar MD6 Pipelayer
Mini specs

The Caterpillar MD6 Pipelayer in 1:50th scale from 2022 is a custom made model.

With the release of this custom scale model of an 19fithties Caterpillar MD6 Pipelayer in 1:50th scale created by Dan Models the line up of Caterpillar Golden Oldies grows with a unique Pipelayer replica.

Curious about how it was created? Check out the Making-of Caterpillar MD6 Pipelayer to see with photos and dimensional details how this custom built scale model had been achieved.

If you are interested in this built scale model it is important to respond by e-mail to The price is 255,- Euro and Dan Models ships worldwide.

Caterpillar MD6 Pipelayer

The Caterpillar MD6 Pipelayer was introduced in 1952 and only produced in the USA. This machine was actually already developed because the Trackson company supplied the Trackson Pipe Layer MD6 (pipe layer written separately) based on the Caterpillar D6 Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor.

After the acquisition of Trackson by Caterpillar only the name change into Caterpillar MD6 Pipelayer was implemented. The machine is equipped with a Caterpillar D318 four stroke six cylinder diesel engine. Good for 93 HP power. The maximum lifting capacity of the pipelayer is 26,530lb

Subsequently, Caterpillar has since 1959 developed the Caterpillar 561B, 561C en 561D Pipelayers. Production stopped in 1989 and to date there has been no successor in the 561 series.

Thanks to my friend Ad (QuAD) I already have some nice pictures with background information. If you are in the possession of more photos or additional background information like the original hardcopy brochure or specsheet about the 1:1 Caterpillar MD6 Pipelayer I would be happy if you send your response to