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Caterpillar PL87 Pipelayer

Caterpillar PL87 Pipelayer
Mini specs
Closed Edition
Limited Production:

The Caterpillar PL87 Pipelayer in 1:48th scale was in 2012 released by CCM.

This Caterpillar PL87 Pipelayer is a die-cast construction precision scale model and is made in a limited edition of in total only 750 pieces in 2012 by Classic Construction Models (CCM) in 1:48th scale. 400 pieces where exclusively made for PLM the other 300 pieces for the world wide (Caterpillar) Pipelayer collectors.

The Caterpillar PL87 Pipelayer is a true representation of the actual machine. To capture as much detail of the original as possible, it features individually linked tracks with tensioners, movable counterweight, detailed cab interior and accurate markings. Boom and blocks are functional, and the hook can be raised and lowered with the spooling winch drums.

Despite the strict quality control of CCM at the Caterpillar PL87 Pipelayer it turns out that on some models the metal tracks incorrectly fitted. It was a big shock to find some of these models in our shipment.

In good consultation with CCM, Ad Gevers made a Caterpillar PL87 Pipelayer Track Repair Instruction using a photo reportage with instructions to show you that it is possible, to safely and without damage to the model, to undo this mistake.

Click on the photo below and we show you how what you should not do and then we explain how you can, still quite simply, dismantle the metal tracks and put them back on in the right direction on your Caterpillar PL87 Pipelayer.

Caterpillar P87 Pipelayer

If you are in the possession of photos or additional background information like the original hard copy brochure or spec sheet about the 1:1 Caterpillar PL87 Pipelayer I would be happy if you send your response to

Caterpillar_PL87_Specsheet_AEHQ6316-01 (02-2012).pdf