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The TIGER TMV40 Explosive Truck in 1:50th scale is a custom made model in 2010.

Through a forum I came into contact with fellow collector Keith W. from England who sent me a list with scale models that he offers for sale. Lured by the name "Tiger" I asked for photos and after I also found an original TIGER TMV brochure of this machine I was immediately tacked.

The TIGER TMV40 is, just like his bigger brother TMV60, certainly not the most detailed scale model in my collection but precisely because the scale model also uses the same components as the 1:1 (namely the Caterpillar D350D from ERTL in scale 1:50 with #2431) and the cabin is spot on, the final result is definitely a unique custom scale model and a very welcome addition to my PoweredbyCAT series. So I'm very lucky I have both versions in my collection and perhaps another custom TMV will follow....

If you are in the possession of photos or additional background information like brochures or specsheets about the 1:1 TIGER TMV40 Fuel Truck I would be happy if you send your response to


The Australian company Tiger Engineering Pty, which for years developed Caterpillar wheel loaders independently on the basis of Caterpillar wheel loaders, was incorporated by Caterpillar in 1997. Shortly after its introduction in 1998, the TIGER 790G Wheel Dozer was introduced by Caterpillar as a Caterpillar 854G Wheel Dozer and was the most powerful Wheel Dozer in the world at the time.

The Tiger TMV40 has also been built using Caterpillar components such as the 35-ton (32 tonne payload) Caterpillar D350D Articulated Truck (ADT) and the Caterpillar 3306 Turbo Diesel Engine providing 300 hp and thus forms the basis for their Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) used in the mining industry and available in numerous designs as a water bowser or fuel truck. In contrast to the Tiger TMV60, this version has 2 axles.

TIGER TMV-60.pdf

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