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BouwmachinesvanToen Swapmeeting 2023

24 September 2023

Sunday 24th September 2023 Stichting BouwmachinesvanToen did organize its second swap meeting in the BouwmachinesvanToen Museum, in Vinkel, The Netherlands.  

Once again a pleasant and small-scale swap meeting on Sunday 24th September 2023 with the focus on (Caterpillar) scale models and documentation (leaflets/brochures/specsheets) about earthmoving, road construction, cranes and related (heavy haulage) transport. 

Diecast Masters & MiniMovers (Gertjan, Klaas and Wouter) where of course present. We spoke to many old acquaintances and also met new collectors. And of course there was also the opportunity to stroll around the entire museum.

Diecast Masters had a stand with more than enough Caterpillar scale models that were in great demand. MiniMovers did focus on showing the latest new available releases from the Caterpillar "High Line Series". Gertjan showed how you can modify and convert your Diecast Masters Caterpillar scale models with 3D printed Work Tools and Attachments like Buckets, Rims, Tires and much more!

A retrospective of a very successful day!

Diecast Masters

Diecast Masters and MiniMovers had focused on the current Caterpillar scale models from the 2023 line up. Of course, room was made for the latest models such as the Caterpillar 966, 972XE and 980 Wheel Loaders that have just been released or, like the Caterpillar D10 Dozer, are expected in early 2024. In exceptional circumstances, the Caterpillar D10 Dozer was allowed to be shown as a Pre-Production scale model! #scoop


 Gertjan showed how you can modify and convert your Diecast Masters Caterpillar scale models with 3D printed Work Tools and Attachments like Buckets, Rims, Tires and much more! 

Check out the video and photos for inspiration to start your own projects!

 Just finished in time by friend and custom builder Gertjan the Caterpillar 325D Excavator in 1:50th scale and exclusive to be revealed at the BouwmachinesvanToen Swapmeeting 2023.   

 Composed of a resin kit from REFO-TECH Modellbau from Germany and using a diecast donor HITACHI excavator, a unique Caterpillar 325D Excavator has been created.

We have good news for the (Caterpillar) Excavator collectors! One additional Caterpillar 325D Excavator can be built. Interested? Visit our booth!

CVS Modeltrucks

CVS (Charles van Someren) Modeltrucks was born from his passion for trucks. He was taught trucks from an early age, which means that many drivers used to visit his parents. Charles walked among them as a little boy and loved it!

During the BouwmachinesvanToen Swapmeeting 2023, CVS introduced the Exclusive 3D printed (Caterpillar) Attachments made in America under the name "3D Onderdelen Grondverzet" for scale models of Earthmoving equipment in 1:50th scale. To give you a good idea of the possibilities, a number of 3D attachments were shown that had been mounted by Gertjan on Caterpillar scale models from the Diecast Masters collection.

All this beauty is now available via the CVS Model Trucks Webshop and can be picked up at the Swapmeetings and Events where CVS Model Trucks is present. Highly recommended!

PO Miniatuurbouw

PO Miniatuurbouw offers a growing range of 3D printed Agriculture (1:32th scale) and Earthmoving (1:50th scale) kits and parts manufactured according to your specifications in order to build the most beautiful custom models.

Paul offers several nice 3D kits to upgrade the "Golden Oldie" Caterpillar Athey PR621 Dumper, Caterpillar 621 or Caterpillar 627 Wheel Tractor-Scrapers from NZG in 1:50th scale aswell as the Caterpillar D9G Dozer from Conrad in 1:50th scale.

Interested? Connect Paul via PO Miniatuurbouw on Facebook. is the (web) shop for cool gifts and gadgets located in Druten, the Netherlands. Run by Eric and Diana with roots in the world in which large construction machines and construction vehicles play a major role and that appeals to both young and old.

GiftDigger digs its own way to original gifts and gadgets, and now they have a cool range of "WERKTVERKEERD" products.

Of course, as a Die hard (Caterpillar) collector when you visit the BouwmachinesvanToen Swapmeeting 2023 you can't go home without wearing this T-shirt.  

Order in your size? Click on the picture!

Laster & Bagger

Laster & Bagger is THE full color magazine for collectors of Trucks (Laster) & construction (Bagger) machine models, cranes, Trucks and heavy haulage. The magazine is written in German. Detailed English translations of the main sections and features for every issue are available on the website and off course also available as App (both iPhone and Android) for your tablet, computer or smartphone.    

Learn more about this full color magazine for collectors? Take a look at Laster & Bagger Or even better, Follow my choice: Yes, I want to subscribe to Laster & Bagger!



Friend, fellow Caterpillar collector and custom builder Leon was offering a number of its unique Caterpillar Excavators for sale in Dutch company colors. interested? Send a message to These are all custom scale models of TOP CLASS!

Once again this year there was the opportunity to acquire a unique scale model, built by Leon Hubers, by buying lottery tickets from the Bouwmachines van Toen Lottery. All proceeds went to the BouwmachinesvanToen Museum.

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