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Weiach Historik 2022

29 May 2022

Saturday, May 28th and Sunday May 29th 2022 the annual Weiach Historik 2022 was held in the Kiesgrube (gravelpit) from Weiacher Kies AG, in Hard 8187 nearby the city Weiach in Switzerland.

Historic construction machinery, rattling excavators, snorting steamrollers, rattling dump trucks and the latest from partners in the world of construction machinery and trucks. A true hear and marvel experience at everything in the gravel pit in Weiach.

To quench thirst and hunger, the large tent offered delicacies from the kitchen and from the grill, for fun there are sandpits, machine demonstrations and mini excavators for you to munch on. And all this with free entry!

From the Netherlands, both my Caterpillar friends Gertjan V. and Jack S., accompanied by Urs P., from the Firma Eberhard, visited this unique event and made the following beautiful photo report for those who stayed at home.

Enjoy all the pictures!

Avesco AG

Weiach Historik 2022 was made possible by the main sponsor Avesco AG, the Swiss Caterpillar dealer, who presented a selection of the latest Caterpillar Next Generation machines.