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ACCO Dozer - Trilex Modelli

12 April 2022

Custom scale model builder Matteo from Trilex Modelli has recently started his next project developing and building in 1:50th scale of the:

  • ACCO Super Dozer

The ACCO Super Bulldozer is the largest and most powerful Track-Type Tractor ever made. It was built in Italy, by the Umberto Acco company. The ACCO super bulldozer was constructed mainly of Caterpillar parts, however many other components were specially adapted. The dozer blade, for example, is bigger than anything Caterpillar has ever made.

This bulldozer has a gross weight of 183 tons and is powered by two 675 hp Caterpillar engines placed horizontally opposed, which deliver a total combined output of 1,350 hp. The super bulldozer has a blade that is 23 ft. wide and 9 ft. high, whilst the total length of the bulldozer is over 40 ft., from the tip of the blade to the ripper on the rear. The ripper alone is about 10 ft. tall, being powered by huge hydraulic rams.

The bulldozer was initially built to be exported to Libya in the early-1980s to help in land development. As the President of Libya was heavily involved with international terrorism at that time, the United Nations endorsed and sanctioned trade embargoes on that country. As a direct consequence of these trade restrictions, the completed ACCO Dozer was never shipped to its intended destination and as a result the machine has never been put to any operational use and was put into storage where it was built.

Unfortunally Acco ceased its existence when both Umberto Acco, the founder, and soon after, his son, died. They left no legacy to the management of the Acco company. In 2008, the main and secondary shops slowly turned into a dump yard of any kind of earth moving machinery, including the ACCO Super Bulldozer and its brother, a 200-ton super grader. By the end of May 2012 the ACCO Super Bulldozer had been moved away from the abandoned Acco facility and is now safely stored at a local gardening company in the same town to be preserved and eventually put on display.

Specification highlights:

  • Engine: Twin 675hp Caterpillar Turbocharged diesel engine
  • Combined Power: 1350.0 hp
  • Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight: 183 tons.
  • Nlade wide: 23ft
  • Machine length: 40 ft
  • Ripper length: 10 ft

In this "Making-of ACCO Super Dozer" he shows how this custom model will be achieved. Matteo shall share his building skills through its construction photos with little notes from me. Gradually it shows you the making of a unique model of the ACCO Super Dozer.

Enjoy reading & watching!

Matteo and Wouter

The development of the prototype part 1

The Shoes

In order to be able to equip the ACCO Super Dozer with real-life metal tracks, a number of masters are first hand made from plastic material, which can be used for the casting of each the individual metal shoes.

And then this is the result of the first test casting of the metal shoes: True to life and functional! looking good!

The development of the prototype part 2

Attention to all details on the two Caterpillar engine blocks and the cabin with full interior consisting of the driver's seat and the control panels.

The protective construction of the undercarriage and the final drive is equally impressive!

The Undercarriage and Finall Drive

Today collected exactly 5160 pieces of metal just finished to print, will be used to compose the undercarriage and drive. The project continues smoothly, now the processing is concentrated on the body and after this Matteo will proceed to molding series of all the remaining pieces.

LIVE ACTION: The testrun of the metal tracks on the metal undercarriage!

The development of the prototype part 3

Little by little the puzzle pieces fall into place and it is time to assemble the ACCO Super Dozer with of course the 1:1 as the reference frame to see if all the details are indeed correct.

The Brochure

Each scale model of the ACCO Super Dozer comes with a special brochure containing the history, all technical information and details of this unique machine. Therefore, a small glimps with this first photos:

The Finall Step!

After all the modifications to the prototype now the time has arrived to get rid of all the little bumps, tiny holes and ugly corners and do the final test assembly so that there will be a tight end result after spraying the built up scale model.


We are proud to share the first photos of a built and painted ACCO Super Dozer:

The Model

This next knock out model of the ACCO Super Bulldozer will be available in a very limited number of maximum 60 pieces and will be presented in a specially made wooden box, including the documentation concerning the history of Acco. The scale model will be exclusively sold by Trilex Modelli to the collector.

If you are interested in this custom built scale model of the ACCO Super Bulldozer it is important to respond directly to Trilex Modelli only a few models are still remaining at this moment...

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