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DJB D35 Articulated Dump Truck - CypModels

30 June 2014

Custom scale model builder Ciprian Ursulescu from CypModels has finished his next project developing and building in 1:50th scale of the:

  • DJB D35 Articulated Dump Truck

DJB Engineering Ltd was founded in 1973 in Peterlee, County Durham in England by David John Bowes Brown.

The Firm built its first Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) a model D250 in 1974, based on a Caterpillar drive train. The trucks were marketed exclusively through Caterpillar dealers world wide as the major components were all Caterpillar.

The range was expanded and sales grew steadily with Caterpillar buying the rights to the design & branding them as Caterpillar DJB in 1985 and eventually buying the company out in 1995.

In this Making-of DJB D35 Articulated Dump Truck he shows how this custom model is achieved. Ciprian Ursulescu, shared his building skills through its construction photos with little notes from me. Gradually it shows you the Making-of a unique model of the DJB D35 Articulated Dump Truck.

Enjoy reading & watching!

Ciprian and Wouter

The development of the prototype part 1


The pre production scale model of the DJB D35 Articulated Dump Truck in 1:50th scale is completly finished and painted. Ready for Action! Ready for sales! Time to order your built DJB D35 Articulated Dump Truck scale model or kit.

Sales price is 200,- euro for a model built and 110,- euro for a kit. CypModels does discounts for larger orders. This next knock out model will be available in very limited numbers for serious collectors only.

More information about (pre) ordering this unique scale model in a very limited edition? Visit the CypModels website.

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