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Caterpillar 350 L ME Excavator [MDF 1:50]

30 June 2024

Les Miniatures du Faubourg (MDF) from France released already in 2016 other new unique resin scale model in 1:50th scale: 

  • Caterpillar 350 L ME Excavator

Naturally, this scale model was on my Caterpillar Excavator wish list. But because MDF could no longer come to the Model Show Europe due to circumstances and I did not want to order a kit at the time, it remained quiet about this project for years.

When CCM announced the Caterpillar 350 Excavator in two versions in their Diecast series in 1:48th scale in 2019, the idea of ​​purchasing the MDF kit disappeared completely into the background.

Unfortunately, CCM announced to its dealers in 2023 that it would definitively NOT release the two announced Caterpillar 350 Excavator scale models.

In the past winter we consulted with fellow collector Gertjan and contacted Andre from MDF to order a kit of the Caterpillar 350 Excavator for both of us and have it built by Friend and custom builder Ciprian including some modifications, so that after all these years Since 2019, we have been able to add a custom-built Caterpillar 350 L ME Excavator to our collection

Ciprian has not been idle in the meantime and our custom-built Caterpillar 350 L ME Excavator is now almost finished and already painted in the original Caterpillar colors.

Curious? Follow the Making-of Caterpillar 350 L ME Excavator

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