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Caterpillar D5B LGP Dozer

Caterpillar D5B LGP Dozer
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The Caterpillar D5B LGP Dozer in 1:50th scale is a 3D printed custom made model.

Within our group of Caterpillar collectors are more and more builders who built various custom versions by using a 3D printer for their custom project.

I am convinced that the 3D technology, though still in its infant shoes, and actually still unpayable for the custom scale model builder, with lighting fast speed, us as a collector will give the opportunity a specific scale model, you absolutely want to have in your collection can be designed and build for an acceptable price.

I was lucky to meet on the Model Show Europe 2017 in Ede, The 
Netherlands, fellow collector Nigel, All the way from Northern Ireland, who made in-house, in a very limited edition, a 3D printed custom of the Caterpillar D5B LGP Dozer in 1:50th scale.

My first impression: The 3D printed kit from Nigel is already more than worth it, but with the extra details,  for example the windshield wipers, that have been added by Gertjan when he built the kit for me it is turned into a small masterpiece and a very valuable addition in my Caterpillar D5 series. More than well worth the wait!

All credits to Nigel and Gertjan.

Caterpillar D5B LGP Dozer

The Caterpillar D5B Dozer was introduced in 1977 and only produced in Japan by Caterpillar-Mitsubishi and exported all around the world. The D5B has a Caterpillar 3306 10.5-litre fuel injected diesel engine producing 105 flywheel horsepower (FWHP) and belongs to the Small Dozer program.

The D5B was given a 46X serial number prefix.  Available with a five-speed direct drive, or three-speed powershift transmission, and also in LGP and SA models the D5B proved to be just as good a tractor as the previous version and sales were again high. Production of the D5B ended in 1992 The D5B was replaced by the Caterpillar D5C.

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