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Caterpillar 583 D&RGW

Caterpillar 583 D&RGW
Mini specs
Overland Models
Closed Edition

The Caterpillar 583 D&RGW in 1:48th scale was in 2003 released by Overland Models.

Overland Models released in 2002 the Caterpillar 583 D&RGW in two versions, each in a limited edition. Both models are all hand crafted from brass in scale 1:48.

Both versions are really worth because they are completely different built and executed. Luckily I got the pictures from a collector friend that has both models already in its possession, and therefore there are plenty of pictures to enjoy. (Thanks "A").

The Caterpillar 583 D&RGW was specifically developed in America and is used to help when a train has derailed. This often occurs in hard to reach places, and therefore the use of a Telescopic Crane is often not an option.

Based on a Caterpillar 583 Pipelayer the concept of a "Tracked train hoist and tow Truck" is designed to put a crashed train or wagon back on track in the worst and most poorly accessible terrain or in the worst case get the Wreck removed and the rails back free again.

This scale model is rightfully be called a masterpiece. Some of the many features of this unique model the folding boom, a fixed small boom onto the dozer blade, engine protection, individually linked metal tracks, working voltage holders for the caterpillars, fully functional bogeys and an authentic OPEN ROPS to protect the operator.

The scale model Caterpillar 583 D&RGW is completed by providing it with the light units, handles and railings and hydraulic lines. Tight painted, neatly finished.

This review is established with the background information and photos from Ad Gevers and Tim Twichell.

If you want to see the other version of the Caterpillar 583 D&RGW then click on the picture below:

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