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Caterpillar 395 ME Excavator [Diecast Masters 1:50]

8 August 2022

Diecast Masters has released the first photos following the announcement of the 2022 line up from the deco sample (Under decoration approval stage of Caterpillar) of the next new to release Caterpillar scale model in their 1:50th scale diecast "Highline Series":

  • Caterpillar 395 ME (Mass Excavator) Excavator #85959

The shown approved prototype is under new tooling development stage now so this 1st deco-images may slightly vary with the model in final shipment because some more amendment and additional details will be demanded by Caterpillar. The sales price and the delivery schedule for the Caterpillar 395 ME Excavator in 1:50th scale will be posted on this website when available. Hopefully Q4 2022, so before the end of the year!

Do you want to know more about this Caterpillar 395 ME Excavator or other new scale models from Diecast Masters? Stay tuned to for all up coming and available Caterpillar Scale Models released by Diecast Masters.

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