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Caterpillar 583T Pipelayer

12 August 2022

I only recently discovered that in addition to the 225 pieces of Caterpillar 583T ROPS Pipelayers, of which I fortunately have a copy in my collection, another 85 pieces have been released by Classic Construction Models (CCM), which in addition to the ROPS also where provided with a closed cabin, which are now added on the "MOST WANTED WISHLIST". So today I took the time to put these available photos from both models on my website:

  • 583T Pipelayer with cabin

I already received the information below from Gary P. (CCM) and Chuck S. (DHS Diecast Collectables) but If you are in possession of the Caterpillar 583T Pipelayer with cabin and/or one of the six "CAT 583T Pipelayer Triad" sets, I would like to receive your response at

Of these 85 pieces, another eighteen were used for six exclusive "CAT 583T Pipelayer Triad" sets delivered on a special pedestal.

You understand that I would be very pleased to add a series of good photos of these rare versions to the category Pipelayers on the website.

I look forward to your responses!


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