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Caterpillar 988K Houtlader

Caterpillar 988K Houtlader
Mini specs
Tonkin Replicas
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Grote wiellader

Het model van de Caterpillar 988K Houtlader in 1:50 is in 2014 als #TR10011 uitgebracht door Tonkin Replicas.

In het Engels heet deze uitvoering: Millyard Arrangement aka Log Loader. Dus terug in het Nederlands vertaald: Houtlader.

Tonkin has modelled the cabin interior with some fine external detailing of the cab including rear view mirrors, front and rear facing lights integrated into the roof and an nice looking

The cab interior has been modelled with a grey decorated driver's seat. The front console is also painted grey with a modelled side panel and external windscreen wipers on the front and rear window adding extra detail.

The various grab and safety railings are made from metal and they are very authentically scaled and look therefore realistic. The engine bay has cast handle detailing with a prominent exhaust stack and air intake. Small access ladders have been added to both sides of the rear counterweight with an anti-slip textured upper surface. Their is a (non functional) tow eye with pin molded into the underside of the counterweight.

In my opinion the only mishap made by Tonkin with this Caterpillar 988K Log Loader is the construction of the loader arms. The inner construction is mounted fixed between the both loader arms which is correct. But Tonkin has chosen to achieve this by drilling two holes in both arms and then assemble the construction which leaves ugly and not realistic looking loader arms. Filling the four holes up with PUTTY and respraying the arms is an option but not as easy to be done.

The main lift and bucket tip hydraulic cylinders have a nice smooth action and will hold at any position chosen. The addition of flexible hydraulic piping really adds to the realism. All the pin and rivet heads have been painted over which adds to the visual appearance.

Tonkin has done a excellent job with the finall touch of this Caterpillar 988K Log Loader. The paint finish on the model is of a high standard, with an even coating allowing the surface detailing to show through while the printing of the Caterpillar POWER EDGE logo, and the markings are authentically applied with all lights and the mirror surfaces decorated.

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