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Caterpillar DD9G "QUAD" Dozer

Caterpillar DD9G "QUAD" Dozer
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The Caterpillar DD9G Track-Type Tractor in 1:50th scale was released by EMD with #EMDN109.

This largely of resin and white metal parts produced scale model of the Caterpillar DD9G "QUAD" Track-Type Tractor was released by EMD under item number EMDN109. If you want to see if its still available contact Brandon Lewis at Buffalo Road Imports in America.

I have the kit of the Caterpillar DD9G “QUAD” Track-Type Tractor, made by EMD, already for many years in my possession, but for the moment definitely still have no time left to build it myself. So when I was able to get hold to the ready built model through the internet and for a decent price the choice was made quickly. Despite the excellent packaging due traveling from distant Alaska to the Netherlands my scale model first had to visit one of my best collector friends for a necessary "Pit Stop" in which the model in record time fortunately could be restored to its former glory.

My first impression: A unique and must have D9 within every Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor collection. The Caterpillar D9DG "QUAD" Track-Type Tractor is a very nice and super detailed model, but very fragile and vulnerable. The photos speak for themselves ...

Caterpillar DD9G "QUAD" Dozer

Caterpillar’s D9G Track-Type Tractor, which was first introduced in 1961, is probably the most famous bulldozer in the world. However, there were also a number of special conversion models available back in the day, including the Caterpillar D9G SXS, which was essentially two Caterpillar D9G Track-Type Tractors joined together side by side, with a massive 24 foot dozer blade up front. The other model was the Caterpillar DD9G, also known as the “QUAD” which was once again a double Track-Type Tractor configuration, only this time they were coupled together one behind the other.

The first QUAD-Trac D9G was originally designed by Buster Peterson of the Peterson Tractor Company in San Leandro, California, in late 1963. The original design concept was purchased by Caterpillar and marketed as Caterpillar DD9G in 1968. The DD9G had two Caterpillar D353 6-Cylinder Diesel Engines producing 770 flywheel horsepower (FWHP) and were primarily designed to push load scrapers faster than had ever been achieved before. The Caterpillar DD9 dozer was the most powerful Caterpillar model available, until the introduction of the Caterpillar D10 in 1978, was controlled by only one single operator who was seated in the front tractor which was fitted with controls for both units.

The DD9G front tractor, where the operator rides, was given a 90J prefix; the rear tractor has a 91J serial number prefix. Production of the DD9G ended in 1974. The Caterpillar DD9G was replaced by the Caterpillar DD9H.

photos made by David Maginnis

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